Good Idea Wrought Iron Window Boxes

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Deck Window And Planters

The gardens are the element that embellish and give life to homes, some people have a lot of space to have incredible gardens in the backyard or in front of the house, but others can only have small planters that are also perfect. Important is to include them in your home, without thinking what it will be like. If you feel love for plants and are an element that you always include, you will like these ideas of gardening to include and adapt to your space, whether it is a lot or a little, or the type of plants you prefer, green is always synonymous with vitality. If you are going to decorate your window frame, the wrought iron window boxes will be a good idea.

Flower box hanging like a miniature garden makes the frame of your home more romantic and sparkling. If you do not have enough space to have a large garden. Get several pots of giant size, here you can not only sow many flowers. Also small trees or fruit trees. Window, you can combine plants . Such as ferns, orange bell and pineapple in the same box to create a colorful space. These plants have long roots that grow over time. Clinging to each other so they can last long when grown in the same place. You should choose square pots that fit into the window and paint the same color as the door color. These interwoven plants will bring harmony to the door frame.

Green color of the leaves and the colorful color of the flowers will make the window box brighten vitality. If you like planting flowers in the window, you can create a riot color by planting xn interstitial flowers enough yellow, pink, purple, red, white, U should choose Flowers that share the same habitat. Experts recommend you choose a variety of colorful corals planted. The big challenge in choosing this plant is to choose the color of the coral to complement the lime wall.

A small box in front of a window that grows brilliant flowers adds a more lively and beautiful look to the balcony. A white paint wooden chair next to the flower box so that the host can sit back, relax or read the book are great. Colorful balcony pattern with fresh flowers and colorful curtains. White sofas combined with wooden flooring highlight the bright colors of curtains and flowers. The front of this house looks more beautiful than many hours the elegant pots combine the whiteness, hydrangea flowers bring beauty to elegant. The walls and doors use bright and modern white tones to make the house full of freshness.

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