How To Design DIY Portable Fire Pit

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Stone Portable Fire Pit

DIY portable fire pit are a popular feature in back yards throughout the country, providing outdoor meeting places throughout the year. Getting the most out of a fire pit requires careful design planning and location in the landscape to incorporate seating, security and easy access.


Choose a place in the landscape from trees and structures. It is necessary to keep open fire away from buildings and brushes that may ignite irreversible glow or burning sparks. The Iowa City Fire Department recommends keeping a portable fire pit at least 15 meters away from all combustible structures. Safety distances increase to 25 meters for permanent pits and fireplaces. Create a plan drawing. Measure the potential site to ensure that the design contains enough space for the fireplace and provide appropriate safety distances. Drawing out a plan that includes buildings, trees and fences can help visualize the location. The fireplace within the boundaries of your property and to place the fireplace a safe distance from structures.

Design with refractory material. Whether below or above ground level, line the perimeter of a permanent fire pit with rock, steel or concrete cobblestones. Avoid using pebbles, which potentially absorb and trap moisture that may explode when subjected to excessive heat. Wide a layer of gravel around the fireplace or add a patio of cobblestone under a portable fire pit, to protect the environment from flying glow. Has a seating area in your design. A comfortable and inviting fireplace has plenty of space for guests to sit and relax.

Concrete and stone benches add a strong design element. While portable chairs and benches make it easier for your guests to get closer or away from the fire. Think of natural gas. Even a wood burning fire pit relies on pictures of campfires, many municipalities limit open firewood fires. Fire pits powered by natural gas are as easy to light as a gas grill and do not put as much smoke as a wood burning fire. La design options include covering the gas burner with layers of decorative small stones or rammed pieces of tempered stained glass.

Tips and warnings

Add a fire-rated screen covering the fire pit to contain glow. Only burn clean, dried wood. Keep a fire extinguisher or garden hose nearby to extinguish any self-contained sparks and glow. Never leave a fire unattended, and be sure to quench an open fire before leaving the area. Check with local planning and fire authorities for zone sharing regulations and safety requirements before building or buying a fire pit.

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